Alpman is a solo musical project founded in 2011 by Gunes Alpman after his research on 1960’s psychedelic, funk and surf rock genres. 

Alpman describes his sound as Spychedelic”. Which is a special mixture of funk, psychedelic rock, surf rock and a bit of mysterious cinematic touches with inspirations from 1960's recording techniques.

Alpman formed his live band; Alpman And The Midnight Walkers with Umut Çetin, Ali Somay and Baran Göksu a year after the release of Alpman’s debut EP ‘Tintm’. The band have been performing Alpman’s compositions since 2014.

Band’s Past Shows

Alpman’s releases:

Limited Edition 7” Vinyl
Released in 2013 by KEPT Records (Canada)

Seven Seas
Limited Edition 7” Vinyl
Recorded with The Midnight Walkers
Released in 2014 by Melting Mountain Recording Co. (Turkey)